DT Swissに学ぶ、ホイールの組み方

【おすすめ動画】【おすすめ動画一覧】【初心者のためのヒント】2017年9月29日 06:00

DT Swissに学ぶ、ホイールの組み方紹介の動画です。

Thanks to DT Swiss for inviting us to their factory. Ex pro cyclist Simon Richardson is tutored by Marcel Waldmann to learn exactly how to build a wheel.

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Simon is joined by Master Wheel Builder Marcel Waldmann - AKA Masters Downhill World Champion - at DT Swiss to learn how to build his first wheel.

Lace it, pretension it, dish it, destress it, true it and then tension it fully...

Step 1 - What you'll need

Spokes, nipples, hub and rim make a wheel, with Marcel explaining what you'll need for your build and the handy DT Swiss tool online to help you.

Step 2 - Lacing

Using the Schraner method, now Simon starts to lace the spokes from hub to rim. Drive side first!

Step 3 - Tensioning

Now laced, we move to the truing stand to tension the spokes. Firstly we pre-tension the wheel to make sure each spoke is threaded into the nipple by the same amount. Thankfully now with a drill, not by hand!

With spokes adjusted to true the wheel, next the spoke tension is checked.

Voila! A downhill wheel, shame Si doesn't have a DH bike...

Have you ever built a wheel? Let us know in the comments 👇

出典 YouTube・Global Cycling Network:How To Build A Bicycle Wheel | Maintenance Monday