Zwiftの舞台裏 ~GCNが本社を訪問~

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We go behind the scenes at Zwift in this exclusive video to find out more about the Zwift platform, how it started and what's next for Zwifters!

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Zwift is incredibly popular with you – the GCN fans. When we raced Jens Voigt LIVE on Zwift last year, you voted it one of your favourite videos of 2015. So, when we got the chance to visit Zwift HQ in Long Beach, California, we just couldn't turn down the opportunity.

However, Zwift's HQ (or factory, we guess) is just a little bit different to the traditional factory road bike manufacturer factory tours that you're used to seeing on GCN. There are still plenty of road bikes, there are lots of indoor trainers, but (obviously for an online platform, perhaps) there isn't any heavy machinery.

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