「The Maratona dles Dolomites」前の機材チェックポイント ~ヒルクライムが多数組み込まれたサイクリングイベントへの準備のために~

【おすすめ動画】【おすすめ動画一覧】【ヒルクライム・上り】2017年3月8日 06:00

138kmで獲得標高が4,230mにも達するサイクリングイベント「The Maratona dles Dolomites」前の機材チェックポイント紹介の動画です。ヒルクライムが多数組み込まれたサイクリングイベントへの準備のために参考になる内容です。

It's important that your bike is in full working order when taking part in an event.
Find out how we'll be preparing our bikes when we ride this year's Maratona dles Dolomites​:

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If you're taking part in a Sportive or Gran Fondo then it's really important to make sure that your bike is up to the job and as prepared as you are.

Let us know your bike preparation tips below

Ex-Professional Cyclist Dan Lloyd talks you through essential areas to look at.
- Brakes. Obviously these are very important as you will be descending around others and possibly for longer periods of time than normal, you don't want them to let you down! http://gcn.eu/1MP1VSp
- Gears. Climbing is not going to much fun if your gears are slipping and not working properly. Dan's quick tips will remind you of the basics to look at. http://gcn.eu/5c
- Tyres. The contact point with the ground, make sure they have plenty of tread, no cuts/flints/thorns/glass etc in the tread. Inspect the sidewalls too, ensuring they have no cuts. http://gcn.eu/5d
- Wheels. Check the tension of the spokes and that the hubs are nice and smooth as well as the wheels running straight with no buckles. Place a ruler of other straight object against the braking surface to check that the rims are not concaved due to rim wear. http://gcn.eu/5e
- Headset. The steering needs to be nice and free, but not loose. http://gcn.eu/5f
- Spares. A saddlebag is ideal to store an innertube, multi-tool and more, keeping your pockets free for energy bars and a raincape. http://gcn.eu/5g

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