PmaxとFRCとは?その強化方法は? ~Building Pmax and Functional Reserve Capacity in WKO4 ~

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WKO4で確認可能な指標である Pmax、FRCについての解説と、それぞれの強化方法などについて紹介の動画です(具体的なワークアウトも紹介されてています)。

Race to win! Advanced training and tracking metrics are the key to success as athletes and coaches strive to improve their winning ways. The first part of this webinar series will focus on Pmax and FRC development and will teach techniques of building a powerful and fatigue-resistant sprint/anaerobic engine.

Topics to be covered include:
-What is Pmax and FRC?
-Building on your base physiology
-Understanding the role of Pmax and FRC in your target event
-Building Pmax and FRC workouts into your plan and schedule
-Specific Pmax and FRC building workouts
-Case study review

出典 YouTube・TrainingPeaks:Building Pmax and Functional Reserve Capacity in WKO4








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