HIIT | 55分間のFTPインターバル | ~室内サイクル・トレーニング・ワークアウト~

【FTP・LT・VO2max】【おすすめ動画】【おすすめ動画一覧】【トレーニングメニュー】2019年1月11日 06:00

フィットネスやFTP向上を目的とした、トレーニングセッションの動画です。画面上の指標は10段階のEFFORT LEVEL (努力レベル)、ケイデンス(RPM)で、画面上に表示されます。映像は、ジアウ峠の実走時のものです。

In association with Elite & Alta Badia.

This indoor cycling workout will help you to improve your fitness and threshold power. We rode the beautiful Passo Giau in Alta Badia in the Dolomites.

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This workout session is definitely a hard one! You'll start with a warm-up and then head straight into the Zone 4/Zone 3 on and off intervals, keeping on the pedals for 20 minutes at a time, with a recovery period in the middle. This session effectively adds up to 2 x 20-minute efforts and will really help to raise your aerobic capacity and overall functional threshold power.

If you try this workout, be sure to comment below and let us know how you get on.

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As with any strenuous exercise, you should consult a doctor/physician before beginning a programme of exercise. Discontinue your exercise session immediately if you experience any pain, dizziness or discomfort. Partaking in training sessions following GCN's video instruction is entirely at your own risk, and Global Cycling Network cannot be held responsible for any injuries which may occur as a result of these exercises.

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