FTP、TTE、スタミナの強化方法 ~WKO5 – Advanced Training with Power Building FTP, TTE, and Stamina~

【FTP・LT・VO2max】【おすすめ動画】【おすすめ動画一覧】【トレーニングメニュー】2019年9月18日 06:00


Race to win! Using advanced training and tracking metrics is the key to success for athletes and coaches striving to improve their winning ways. This session will focus on building Functional Threshold Power (FTP), Time to Exhaustion (TTE), and Stamina, breaking down threshold power into key physiological aspects and analyzing how best to go about improving FTP and fatigue resistance.

Covered topics include:

* What are Functional Threshold Power (FTP), TTE, and Stamina?

* How do they relate to my physiology?

* Understanding their role in target events

* Understanding the unique relationship between FTP and Stamina

* Specific workouts for building FTP, TTE, and Stamina

* Case study review

出典 YouTube・TrainingPeaks :Advanced Training with Power Building FTP, TTE, and Stamina