WKO4を使ったコーチング方法、ランナー用のテスト手順 ~Coaching with WKO Testing Protocols for Runners~

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WKO4を使ったコーチング方法、ランナー用のテスト手順(Testing Protocols for Runners)について解説の動画です。

Steve Palladino presented a companion to Tim Cusick's preceding webinar on testing protocols, this one more specific to runners. Testing is a critical component of the triad of facilitating individualism in training runners: testing, dose targeting, and response tracking. This webinar reviewed the scope of testing options available to runners and their coaches, and it was organized into a format of who, what, why, how, when, and where. If you're looking for the "one best way" for testing, we did not take such a dogmatic stance. Instead, the goal is to demonstrate that the power user has many options with which to accomplish the task of testing, options that can be tailored to the temporal and hierarchical needs of athlete and coach.

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