Zwiftの「Workout Mode」とは?

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Zwiftの「Workout Mode」紹介の動画です。

What are Zwift Workouts? We explain what Zwift Workouts are and how to use them in this video – don't forget to SHARE!

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Zwift is well known for its social elements, its racing and its virtual worlds. But, much less well known is Workouts. Si Richardson explains and what they are and how to find the exclusive GCN training plans!

We’ve created 4 exclusive month long training plans to follow on Zwift. Dan wanted to improve fast flat riding, so perfect for everyone from timetriallists to budding rouleurs. Si wanted to transition from training to racing so we have a month of workouts designed to help get you race ready. Matt wanted to work on his ability to climb steep climbs, so regardless of whether you’re racing the Spring classics these eight workouts will help get you riding steep climbs, faster. Finally, Lasty’s training plan aims to build your peak power. As the most gifted sprinter out of the GCN crew (not saying much…) he wanted to work specifically on this area.

Zwift Workouts are a way of following pre planned structured training sessions in the world of Zwift. There are loads already to choose from, although if you don’t find what you’re looking for there is also a custom build tool so you can craft whatever session you like.

In game, all you need to know to follow your session accurately is on screen in front of you. Your intervals, including length and intensity are listed, and on the central panel you have your current power, target power and timings.

Let us know which GCN plan you tackle and how you get on.

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